Gusto award: Up and coming chef of the year

© Oliver Raatz

The gastronomic guide Gusto has announced its latest awards:
Rising star of the year is Silio Del Fabro from the ESPLANADE restaurant in Saarbrücken

"It has not happened very often that we have had to upgrade the cuisine of a restaurant by two rating levels within one year. Silio Del Fabro has achieved this feat as head chef of the Esplanade restaurant in Saarbrücken and is therefore a predestined up and coming chef of the year. Del Fabro and his highly motivated team cook at a remarkably high level, without any expensive luxury products, but with a great deal of sensitivity and attention to detail. The creations of Klaus Erfort's former sous-chef are quite elaborate, but never seem mannered. The aromas are complex and at the same time crystal clear, enormously expressive and yet highly subtle. On many of his plates, you are dealing with masterly, sophisticated flavour architecture, but the product is and always remains the star. In our current impression, Silio Del Fabro is even an up-and-comer with further upward potential!"