Sustainable Culinary

"We are convinced that a dish should not only be measured by its taste and appearance, but also by its intrinsic value."

– Silio Del Fabro, Chef de Cuisine

We believe in a better world and are convinced: the origin of our food significantly impacts our environment and the foundations for future generations. That's why our Chef de Cuisine, Silio Del Fabro, and the ESPLANADE team have committed to the shared philosophy of sustainable indulgence. As one of the leading gourmet destinations in the country, we aim to provide our guests with unforgettable moments at the highest level while contributing to a better world.

Hof am Weiher: Sustainable food from our region

Silio Del Fabro's haute cuisine is based on regional products from our own biodynamic agriculture. The chef and his team are not only passionate about their own homeland and sustainable living but also aim to introduce these values to their guests. As such, ESPLANADE sources its fruits and vegetables fresh daily from the region's Hof am Weiher farm in Albessen, Rhineland-Palatinate. 

In 2023, due to rising inflation and changing consumption patterns following the Corona crisis, the farm faced economic difficulties. The organic farm had formed a joint-stock company for the collective marketing of organic foods and had issued a public call for financial support, drawing our attention to the acute situation and prompting action. To preserve the rich cultural heritage of family-owned farms, maintain regional food diversity and independent supply chains, as well as strengthen sustainable food economies, we, as the largest individual shareholder, invested in the capital stock of Hof am Weiher AG.

Stadtbauernhof Saarbrücken

For sustainable food production, there is also the Stadtbauernhof Saarbrücken, located just two kilometers as the crow flies from the Saarbrücken Almet, directly outside the city gates. From here come the fresh herbs and other selected seasonal ingredients for our gourmet cuisine. Since 2015, ESPLANADE is one of the founding members of the Stadtbauernhof and holds its own shares in the harvest, allowing Chef Silio Del Fabro to make special requests to the farmers, such as the cultivation of specific types of cress or edible flowers. The Stadtbauernhof consistently focuses on seasonal cultivation, thus setting an example against the throwaway and consumer society. The registered association has made it its mission to introduce sustainable food production to children and young people.

Chefkoch Silio Del Fabro auf dem Stadtbauernhof. Es zeigt Chefkoch Silio Del Fabro kniend auf einem Feld mit einer Ruebe in der Hand, die er begutachtet. Links neben ihm ist ein anderer Mann, der ihm zuschaut. Die Datei ist ein Foto im JPEG-Format.

Baking art

David is Cusinier at ESPLANADE and has been since the beginning of his training. He enriches our team with his previously acquired, passionate baking skills in a unique way. Day after day, he spoils our guests with homemade delicacies. He creates all the rolls himself - from traditional to extravagant varieties - using carefully selected organic flours from Hasborner Mühle, located just 38 km from ESPLANADE. "Our bread variations are meant to invite you to rediscover the world of bread and live more sustainably. For this, I use many ancient grain varieties such as Waldstauden-Roggen. This variety is more resilient to climate and pests often allowing cultivation without the need for fertilizers and pesticides. The use of 'ancient' grain varieties not only gives our breads excellent flavor but also makes them more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Additionally, our sourdough, which ferments for at least 24 hours, and the subsequent 12-hour fermentation of the dough pieces enhance the full-bodied taste and reduce the yeast content“.

Arrival of our beehive

For our gourmet breakfast at the ESPLANADE, we rely on the unparalleled quality of honey. Our usual source for honey is Saarbrücker Imkerei Stadtwabe. This small regional apiary tends to its beehives with dedication across the entire city area. This results in an incomparably diverse and uniquely flavored honey due to the variety of plants, from the balconies of the Nauwieser district to the forests surrounding Saarbrücken. Recently, another local source for our honey has emerged: in Quierschied, nestled on the edge of the forest, our very own ESPLANADE beehive has been established. We adopted the bees from our partner, beefuture, joining efforts in natural and sustainable beekeeping practices, contributing to the ecological balance of our planet. In line with our sustainable culinary ethos, the freshly harvested honey will now sweeten the start of our guests' day as part of our gourmet breakfast offerings!


This means taking responsibility for our chef Silio Del Fabro and his team. The European eel is endangered. For 20 years, scientists have been warning about this, and for three years, they have been strongly recommending completely stopping eel fishing. As indispensable as it is for the biodiversity of our nature, it is dispensable for our chef on our menu. "There are many equally delicious alternatives that are in no way inferior to eel. As an avid angler, this topic is also very close to my heart personally. With full conviction, we actively support the campaign by Ethic Ocean and join the exemplary 21 chefs of the Relais & Chateaux World Culinary Council."